Health & Safety.

Livingwell Dentistry goes above and beyond globally standardized infection control guidelines to maintain the safety of our patients and our team.

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Our strict protective guidelines are based on WHO recommendations for preventing disease transfer and exposure. Some examples include:

Utilizing barrier techniques and personal protective equipment (including gloves, masks, lab coats and face shields) to prevent the transfer of biomaterials.
Providing patients with protective eyewear during their procedure.
Surgical and clinical hand washing protocols with antimicrobial wash and alcohol based rubs.
Thorough surface disinfection of all clinical setting surfaces, including handles, switches and chairs between patients.
Pouched autoclave steam sterilization of all instruments.
The use of disposable supplies, such as suction tips, anesthesia materials and barriers.
Filtered, disinfected water lines.
Secure sharps disposal, collected by a clinical waste company.


All hazardous waste including biological waste is separately disposed of in appropriate containers. Livingwell Dentistry is a mercury-free dental office, but we are able to safely remove mercury-containing fillings for our patients and dispose of them in a way that prevents environmental exposure.

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