Principle Two: HI COMPASSION

Our compassionate environment will help to alleviate your fear and anxiety about oral health care. Livingwell Dentistry delivers the most sensitive, gentle care possible. We are committed to building relationships, not just better smiles.


All patients have unique needs but some just need an extra bit of attention than others. We are trained specialists to be sensitive to the needs of children, the elderly, patients with special needs and anxious patients. We put an emphasis on the manner in which our care is conducted – providing you with personalized, gentle dentistry. Our team holds to the highest standards of care and comfort, just as we would for our own families.


We use inhalation sedation and conscious sedation that allow you to safely relax while having your dental needs attended to. Not only is sedation dentistry ideal for the extremely anxious patient, it’s also a great idea for people with a large amount of dental needs or who simply want the most pain-free experience possible. Sedation dentistry is a safe procedure that still leaves you semi-conscious and able to respond to simple instructions. We do not recommend it on patients with asthma or who are pregnant.