Meet Our Team.


Dr. Alexander Mattackel

Graduated from Mangalore University, India, Dr. Alex became a dentist in 1994, just before modern implantology began to change the path of dentistry. Later, he went on to do implantology at University of Bern, Switzerland. Specialising in restorative and dental implant therapy, he helps patients rebuild their smiles no matter how many missing teeth that they have.

He was driven to become a dentist by his desire to impact his community through healthcare. The number of lives that he has been able to transform through dental care has given him great personal fulfillment, and he continues to love everything about his job. With modern advancements in technology and dental techniques, Dr. Alex has brought some of the best dental care in the world to the region of South East Asia.

One of the things he wants his patients to understand is the great value that prevention makes in their smiles. From preventive care to control of their diet, oral health awareness minimises the need for dental treatments later on.

Away from the dental practice, Dr. Alex enjoys spending time with his family and long distance running. He says his love for running enables him to run away whenever he is in danger!