Meet Our Team.


Dr. Shashie

Dr. Sashie is a faculty member of the Medical Protection and runs risk management workshops for dentists in Malaysia and Singapore. Currently he is the Chairman of the Patients Complaints Bureau Committee of the Malaysian Dental Association.

Graduated from University of Mysore, India, he has been a dental surgeon for 35 years with special interest in oral surgery procedures such as wisdom teeth removal. He believes that a combination of an excellent clinical acumen and strong interpersonal skills provides a ‘wow’ factor for his patients.

One of the greatest experiences Dr. Shashie has had with his patients is the first time one of them told him “I didn’t know that an injection could be painless.” His greatest desire is to remove the presumption that pain and dentistry are synonymous with one another. Creating a comfortable, safe and relaxed environment for his patients is his ultimate goal.

In his spare time, he indulges in photography and cooking. His philosophy of life is read as widely as you can and if you have passion you can succeed in whatever endeavor you choose to be involved in.